West Suburban Water Polo Club (WSWPC) is organized as an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions. Our exempt identification number is 20-1579672 that can be referenced for your contribution after our formal acknowledgement of receipt. We appreciate your monetary or in-kind contribution towards our athletes and travel teams.

Would you or your employer consider supporting our athletes and coaches so that they may experience Water Polo at the highest levels offered in the country? 100% of these sponsorship contributions will be used to support our athletes and coaches at local, regional and national level competitions and help defray expenses otherwise due individually from athletes and parents. We believe the lack of funding availability should never be a reason athlete(s) do not achieve their level of commitment and ability in our water polo community.

Please consider submitting your boys and/or girls team sponsorship form so we can continue the West Suburban tradition of attending annual major events such as USAWP Junior Olympics, AWP State Challenge, Naval Academy Open, USAWP 14U Champions Cup, 12U Rocktober Classic and Regional Invitationals and Chicagoland League competitions. Many thanks in advance for your individual, business and corporate support!
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For parents and athletes seeking to help defray future Travel/ODP expenses, West Sub is coordinating an optional Scrip Gift Card Program. 90% of family rebates received on face value card purchases will be credited to your athletes travel expenses. 10% will be retained by the Club for Coaches travel support. See details below and register today under West Sub at

West Suburban Water Polo Club is registered with the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) in Kentwood, MI. Families can register online with GLSC at under the West Sub ID, which can be obtained from our coordinator via request at There is no cost to you! Your card has the same value as the amount you paid for it from many merchants and vendors we use everyday!

Start right away and don't delay! Rebates begin immediately and balances will carry forward from year-to-year for each athlete. Please consider involving your family and friends to purchase cards under our fundraising program to ensure every kid has an equal opportunity to experience all that our Water Polo community has to offer.

To get started, go to and click the register button. Enter your family information and the code xxxx for West Suburban Water Polo Club. You'll receive a PrestoPay code and we'll activate your account. Once activated you can shop online and start earning at

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